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This page is dedicated to Detonics® handgun, with links to Detonics® related pages, parts and or guns that I have for sale.

Please email me with any questions or suggestions that you may have.


I am NOT a licensed dealer, the guns or parts I have for sale are from my changing personal collection.  Any and all firearm transactions must be made thru a licensed dealer and must address all current firearm laws both state and federal.

If you need help with identification and/or date of manufacture I'm not the go to guy.  I am at the bottom of the learning curve myself and by no means an expert.  If you hit the links I have listed at the bottom of this page you will probably find the answers you seek from people with real knowledge of these great little guns...  If you can get accepted to the Yahoo Collectors group, that is your best bet.

Need pricing help?  You need to do the same thing I do, look around see what guns are "selling" for on the gun auction sites etc..  I price my guns on many different levels including the old, "I don't I care if I sell it", price point.  Seems like Detonics run in the $400 to $1,200 range with higher pricing on rarer or more desirable guns.




If you don't see what you need email me,

 I do have items that I have not listed.

1.   Slide, Complete unmarked slide, $250.00 SOLD!

Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 4 Pic 5 Pic 6

2.  Rear Sight, Non-adjustable $30.00 SOLD!

3.  Extractor, $35.00 May need fitting.

4  Firing Pin Spring,  $10.00

5.  Firing Pin, N/A

6.  NEW! Firing Pin Stop, $15.00 Two or more, 10 bucks per....

7.  Magazine Catch Lock, N/A

8.  Magazine Catch Spring, N/A

9.  Magazine Catch, Complete N/A

10. Slide Stop Plunger,  N/A

11. Plunger Spring, N/A

12. Safety Lock Plunger, N/A

13. Grip Plate, $35.00 

13A, Grip Safety,  S/M $30.00

14. Trigger, N/A

15. Mainspring Cap, N/A

16. Mainspring, N/A

17. Mainspring Housing Pin Retainer, N/A

18. Mainspring Housing, N/A

19. Mainspring Cap Pin, N/A

20. Sear Spring, $20.00 C/M, 2 Only 

21. Magazines sold out. 

21c. New! I now have one 38 Super 9 MM magazine available. $150.00 

21d. Randall magazine......  @ $75.00 SOLD!   NOS  Randall Magazine in the factory hand tag. @ $125.00 SOLD!

 The Randall magazine was shipped with the Scoremaster along with two Detonics 8 Rd magazines.

22. Mainspring Housing Pin, N/A

23. Stocks aka grips,                                         Combat Masterwood $45,  Pachmayr boxed NOS $70.00

24. Stock Screw, N/A

25. Stock Screw Bushing,

26. Safety Lock, N/A

27. Hammer Pin, N/A

28. Sear Pin Guide Screw, N/A

29. Slide Stop, $25.00

30. Frame, N/A

31. Recoil Spring Guide, N/A

31 (a). Standard 1911, Detonics recoil system with duel springs, recoil spring rod, spring cap, $80.00

This is for a full size 1911 platform and some fitting may be required.

32. Recoil Springs Set,  3 Spring Combat Master set @ Sold Out

34. Recoil Spring Cap, Combat Master @ $25.00

35. Barrel, N/A

36. Barrel Link Pin, N/A

37. Barrel Link, N/A

38. Disconnector, N/A

39. Sear, N/A

40. Hammers, $30.00 or $25.00 per for two or more.  Many different types please see picture. Picture of hammers.*

*These are from a parts group buy and should be fitted by a qualified person.

41. Hammer Strut, N/A

42. Hammer Strut Pin, N/A

43. Recoil Spring Cap Screw, W/washer @ $6.00

44. Recoil Spring Cap Screw Washer, inc. with # 44

Parts are Seattle Detonics production NOS unless otherwise noted.

Prices include shipping to lower 48.  Please ask for shipping cost to other locations.




Detonics® Products

Items currently for sale.*

*As of latest update.

1. Detonics .451 Magnum Brass, 50 rnds brass in red MTM boxes,  MTM E 50-45, MTM J 50-45, ($55, $50 2+), MTM J 50-45 w/repro stickers $50 and $45.

2-A. I have EMPTY .451 Detonics Magnumboxes available!  Complete with gold foil label and interior warning label on the MTM J50-45 box.  $15.00 for one $10.00 per for more than one. These are reproduced labels.*

* My labels have square corners where OEM Detonics are rounded. Also I use a different font on the warning label.

3. Detonics® .451 Cardboard Box  SOLD . pic #1, pic #2.  This box was turned inside out and used as a shipping container at one time as it seems was a common practice by the factory.  Please note pictures of my Scoremaster on the bottom of the page.

4. Detonics® Patches, Black with gold thread sold out, Red and yellow $20, 

---------------------------------------SOLD ITEMS:------------------------------------------------

6. Detonics® "Combat Selector™" Sight, Combat Selector Sight, One only @ $55.00 Packaging a little rough but complete.

5b. Davis Leather Company Detonics® Combat Master holster,  One only, Right hand draw holster @ $75. pic #1, pic #2. SOLD!

5a. Davis Leather Company Detonics® Combat Master holster,  One only, Left hand draw holster @ $75, pic #2, pic #3. SOLD!

6.  Competition Recoil System, Gov't., Gold Cup .45 ACP $45.00 (3 available). SOLD!

7. Detonics® Combat Master™ barrel with springs rod and hand written instructions. One only @ $175.00, pic #2, pic #3 SOLD!

8. .451 Detonics Magnum kit for full size 1911, Complete Kit with paper work, foam is replacement @ $450.00, pic #2.

9.  Detonics cap...  Made outta the good old 80's foam hat...  Only one available...  @ $25.00 SOLD!

10. System One™ Barrel System™,  One only @ $150.00,  Pic #2, Pic#3. SOLD!

Last Update 11.14.2013





 .451 Detonics Magnum.... Fact or fiction?

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Yahoo Detonics® Collectors Site...  Best site going but you must apply to participate...    Yahoo Detonics Collectors 

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Col Bob Gideon collection... 

Bob was a great guy whom I had AutoMag dealings with in my early gun show days.... The Collection




C/M in .451 Detonics Magnum

The Detonics® Scoremaster!

.451 Detonics Magnum barrel above,

45 ACP barrel below....

Detonics Scoremaster in 45 ACP and .451 Detonics Magnum.

Not For Sale!




* All firearm laws state and federal must be followed.

Combat Master MC-1 99+%


Combat Master unmodified T prefix, MK VI, RARE ITEM



Combat Master MC-1C, hard to find carbon MC-1


Series II CompMaster, used w/manual no box


Combat Master MK-VI .45 ACP

Shooter grade, box no paperwork.


Combat Master MK-VI .451 Detonics Magnum / 45 ACP





Detonics® Servicemaster™ 45 ACP.

Nice used condition with scratch under slide stop.



A really nice gun in the rare 9MM calibre.



Detonics® 9-11-01 cased with Seecamp 32.

Combat Master  45 ACP & .451 Detonics Magnum  fitted in a Zero Halliburton case.

All three guns are serial #7



I prefixed, nickel plated, Detonics® MK II 45 ACP



 Detonics MC1 SOLD!

Box and paperwork.... Has light scratch under slide stop.



Detonics® MK V™ 38 Super

Used, one magazine....




Detonics® Pocket-9





Detonics® MK VI™ 9MM

Appears unfired, one magazine, with box. 

This is a very nice gun!




Detonics® MK VI™ 38 Super

Used, one magazine....




Detonics® MC1




Detonics® MKV™ 9MM

Used, one magazine....




NIB Detonics® MKVI™ 9MM

Can't really upgrade this one, all paperwork and oil tube.




NIB Detonics® OM3




Detonics® Combat Master Detonics .451 Magnum 45 ACP.




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Last Update 11.14.2013